Phil Heath – ‘Gifted’ the Documentary

Phil Heath – ‘Gifted’ the Documentary

Phil Heath is about to make bodybuilding history in 4 days when he tries to win Mr. Olympia for the 8th time. The featured documentary ‘Gifted’ tells the story about his childhood, early sports and how he found the sport of bodybuilding.

The Olympia weekend is just around the corner with just 4 days left. This year is a bit more hyped compared to the last ones.

Phil Heath is going for his 8th Olympia title, and if he is successful he will be tied with the record holders, Lee Haney, and Ronnie Coleman.

After last Olympia Heath underwent stomach surgery due to a hernia, which caused his belly to distend at times during his previous shows.

Nonetheless, the rehabilitation after surgery went fine, and 11 months have almost passed since the surgery. Additionally, according to Heath, his previous hernia issue is now resolved.

One thing is for sure, 5 days from now, the fans of the bodybuilding world will know how good of a package Heath brings to the stages, and if he ties Haney’s and Coleman’s record.

Gifted the documentary:



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