Cross Over With Bands


Cross Over With Bands Workout Guide

Cross Over With Bands to develop strength on pectoral region. The complete workout procedure explained in detail with picture illustrations.

Gain : Strength

Muscle worked : Chest, Shoulders, Biceps

Equipment : Barbell

Type : Compound

Cross Over With Bands

Cross Over With Bands

Cross Over With Bands Procedure

  1. Hold the exercise band around a stationary secured position.
  2. The starting position will be standing by facing outwards from the machine (refer the picture for more details).
  3. Grab the handles of the resistance band in both hands and to create some tension on the band by stepping forward a little bit.
  4. Raise your arms parallel to the floor (your position will resemble like letter “T”) and keep your palms facing forward.
  5. Now extend your arms with a slight bend at the elbows. It acts as your starting position.
  6. By keeping your arms straight, move them across your chest.
  7. The movement should be in semicircular motion. While performing this you should breathe out.
  8. Hold the contraction for a second.
  9. Then slowly return back to the starting position.
  10. While returning back you should inhale.
  11. It counts as one rep.
  12. Repeat this same procedures as per your rep count.

Variations: Instead of your bands you can also use pulley.


Images and Content Courtesy : Bodybuilding


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